A few days ago we wrote about barbecue. Smoked meat. Big slabs of smoked meat. Meat here, meat there, meat, meat everywhere. But fear not: San Antonio does not neglect its vegetarians and vegans.

First, a few words of warning. If you are in an omnivore’s restaurant and looking for vegetarian options, Tex-Mex meals always come with a side of tortillas. You can usually specify corn or flour. Traditional flour tortillas contain lard. Corn tortillas do not.  Beans might look like a good vegetarian choice, but refried beans also traditionally contain lard and borracho beans and charro beans have bacon in them. The black beans might be  “safe” — but always ask.There are several good vegetarian restaurants near the walks.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine is located at The Pearl, which you will go by on Sunday’s walk, when they are open 9:00am-9:00pm. The owner is a Seventh Day Adventist, so they are closed on Saturday. They do not serve alcohol. Their menu is vegetarian, but many items can be made vegan — and gluten free —  at your request.

Señor Veggie is at  620 South Presa, in Southtown; you walk nearby on the Saturday walk. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. Their menu is vegan (we’re partial to the Good Karma Bowl and the Jackfruit Caqrnita Tacos.)

La Botanica, most people agree, is a great bar on the St. Mary’s Strip that also serves good small plates of vegan food. They are at 2911 N. St. Mary’s, very close to the Sunday 23K walk (they open at noon on Sundays, 4:00 PM other days.)

5 Points Local is at 1017 N Flores, about a half hour walk north of the event hotel, but not on any of the walk routes. It’s a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant, with vegetarian, vegan, & paleo options. It’s also a yoga studio.

Viva Vegeria, 1422 Nogalitos, is a bit off the beaten path: it’s about two miles south of the event hotel or two miles northwest of Mission Concepción. Chef Garza adapted his grandmother’s recipes to be vegan and gluten-free and the restaurant is committed to serving the indigenous cuisine. They are closed on Sunday.

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