This Tribute to Human Rights, by Mariano González Beltrán, was dedicated on December 15, 2004 and is located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Composed of numerous figures cast in bronze and arranged in a circle, it represents “a society that lives in harmony, in harmony with the enjoyment and respect for human rights, which develop throughout life”, according to the artist. The circle is an allusion to the cycle of life, from the gestation of the human being (represented by a pregnant woman) to the twilight of his days (an elderly couple). In addition, it also encourages thinking about the continuity and, at the same time, the universality represented by the Council of Europe’s work in favor of human rights. It can even be compared to the circle of stars that make up the flag of the Council of Europe. Embossed text inserted in the work itself says: “To all citizens who strive for the exaltation and defense of HUMAN RIGHTS and in the exercise of democracy and justice, tolerance and freedom of expression.” A replica of this work is found in Strasbourg, in gardens in front of the Palace of Human Rights. It was a donation in 2007 from the Government of Murcia.

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