In 2014, twenty-one years after the Baltic Way united Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a human chain to protest against the Soviet occupation, a new monument commemorating the event was unveiled in Vilnius.

It is a brick wall, close to Vilnius Pedagogical University, painted with the colors of the Lithuanian flag and cut out silhouettes of people.

The monument focuses on the Lithuanian contribution to the Baltic Way human chain. People contributed between € 7.25 and € 14.50 to sponsor bricks and get their name on the wall as a contributor. No stone was left unsold.

On August 23, 1989 some 2 million residents across the Baltic states joined hands as part of a non-violent show of solidarity against years of occupation by the Soviet Union. The protest took place on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which divided Eastern Europe into spheres of influence of the Soviet-Union and Nazi Germany. Six months later, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare independence from Moscow and Latvia and Estonia soon followed suit.

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