Designed by architect Maya Lin, the Elizabeth Evans Baker Peace Chapel at Juniata College was constructed in 1989. The Peace Chapel is on 14 acres just east of the campus, part of the larger 315-acre Baker-Henry Nature Preserve, which is owned by the college.

The Peace Chapel consists of two main sites. A series of 24 granite steps lead up a slope to the larger of the sites, situated at the center of an open field. There, a 40-foot circle composed of 53 rough-cut, salt-and-pepper blocks of Vermont granite, accommodates groups of people in a spectacular setting overlooking surrounding mountains and forests.

The second site, several hundred yards from the first, is located in a small grove of trees on a knoll slightly higher than the circle of stones. Here, a single smooth granite disc, four feet in diameter, is situated for individual, private meditation.

Elizabeth Evans Baker and her husband, John C. Baker, the President of Ohio University from 1945-1961, were long time advocates of peace education.

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