Lanza del Vasto wrote about this statue, officially called Christ, Redeemer of the Andes, in his book Warriors of Peace.

When the relations between Argentina and Chile deteriorated, the two armies marched toward each other through the high passes in the Andes. But on each side, a bishop went ahead of the troops. The bishops met and exchanged the kiss of peace in the sight of the soldiers. And instead of fighting, they sealed a pact of alliance and perpetual friendship between the two nations. A statue of Christ, his hand raised in blessing, commemorates this victimless victory.

The peace agreement was forged in 1902 and the statue installed in 1904. A plaque at the base says: “Sooner shall these mountain crags crumble to dust than Chile and Argentina shall break this peace which at the feet of Christ the Redeemer they have sworn to maintain.” It you want to visit, it’s up a 9 km long winding trail up the side of a mountain, 12, 572 ft. above sea level.

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