Hotel Metropole at Morzinplatz was used as a headquarter for the Gestapo 1938-1945 and on the Morzinplatz there is now a monument commemorating the Austrian victims made from granite from the Mauthausen concentration camp. The memorial was originally a memorial stone erected by the Federation of Concentration Camp Survivors in 1951 and replaced in 1985 by this larger monument financed by the city of Vienna. The red triangle was the one affixed to political prisoners and the yellow star to Jews. The text on the top – Niemals Vergessen – means “Never Forget.” The text, as was on the original memorial stone, reads: “Here stood the House of the Gestapo. To those who believed in Austria it was hell. To many it was the gates to death. It sank into ruins just like the ‘Thousand Year Reich’. But Austria was resurrected and with her our dead, the immortal victims.”

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