After the Texas Trail Roundup Sunday walk someone asked us about San Antonio’s “Frog Bridge.”

Actually, it’s a TOAD bridge (although everyone calls it the frog bridge. Goes to show what we know.) The city commissioned ceramicist Diana Kersey to decorate a new bridge on Mulberry Avenue in Brackenridge Park that would tell a story about the health of waterways. She immediately thought of amphibians: “In doing my research,” she told the Express-News, ” I learned that the most common toad in this region is the Gulf Coast toad. It’s the one that we all know, that we all run across in our backyards.”

In bas-relief sculptural panels embedded in the bridge’s concrete guardrails, Kersey  tells the story of the life cycle of the toad, from courtship to strips of frog egg “tape” floating on water to developing tadpoles and “froglets” to the mature toad.  It was installed in 2011.

Kersey also created similar ceramic panels for the Millrace Bridge, which connects Brackenridge Park to the golf course.

Our friends at NOWCastSA interviewed Diana Kersey and you can see the video here:

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