The Unsung Founders Memorial at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is located in McCorkle Place, one of the University’s quads. The memorial is a black granite tabletop supported by 300 bronze figurines and surrounded by 5 black stone seats. The inscription around the edge of the table says “The Class Of 2002 Honors The University’s Unsung Founders – The People Of Color Bound And Free – Who Helped Build The Carolina That We Cherish Today.” At the dedication in November, 2005, James Moeser, UNC Chancellor said: “What we do today will not rectify what our ancestors did in the past, But this memorial, I believe, attests to our commitment to shed light on the darker corners of our history. Yes, the University’s first leaders were slaveholders. It is also true that the contributions of African American servants and slaves were crucial to its success.”

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