The limestone sculpture of two humans hands by Shane Gilmore were placed on the grounds of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in May, 2008. The hands were dedicated to several concepts as shown on the plaques below the sculpture: 

Hands sculptured by Shane Gilmore

Hands of Welcome – acknowledging the presence of emigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and fellow EU citizens in our community.

Hands of Peace – marking a new era of peace on the Island of Ireland.

Hands of Co-operation – celebrating Ennis Ireland’s tidiest town in 2006.

Hands of Healing – remembering walk of reconciliation by Bishop Willie Walsh for Jubilee 2000.

Hands of Faith – recognizing the faithfulness of parents and grandparents for handing on the Christian faith to the next generation.

There is also a quote from Bible: “I will not forget you, I have carved your name on the palm of my hand” Isaiah 49:15

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