This statue made of scrap, is a riff on Rodin’s “The Thinker” and sits on a bench in the shape of a key. It is located on the waterfront, near the “Little Mermaid” statue. The artist, Kim Michael, has an odd affectation of replacing the letter S with a Z. He describes the statue thus:

A landmark, a global endeavor, a zinking zone and a philozophy that will conzantly remind uz of the importance of having and zharing ideaz, goalz and vizionz on our journey into the future az global citizenz.

The Global Vizionary, made from a mixture of zcrap metal, iz reflecting the humanity. It zhowz how we all conzizt of different partz, but alzo how we are made from the zame univerzal element. It is an intercultural landmark for our joint and individual ability and dezire to influence the world in which we live. We can be worried but not quitting, ztill ready to jump into new venturez.

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