In the Filipino language, bankapa means boat and payapann means peace.

The monument features eight main symbols placed atop pillar installations that depicts the city’s character, vision and aspirations. The cross symbolizes Christianity and the city’s predominantly Catholic settlers, crescent moon for Islam and the Muslims, tuna for the city’s multi-million industry, flower for the area’s beauty, epic sun for the convergence of tribes, fire and dove for passion for peace and clouds for the city’s aspirations. The pillars lift up the collective aspirations of residents.

Artist Kublai Ponce Millan said he included a boat structure that resembles a bird to highlight the city’s journey and quest for peace. “If we ride that boat, collectively we can navigate through adversities and achieve our aspirations,” he told the Mindanao Minda News.

The mayor said at the dedication in October, 2019″ “We call this a monument of peace. We are celebrating the peaceful coexistence of our people. We have different beliefs and ideals but we’re united here.”

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