In 2018 TerraKulture, a cultural arts center in Lagos, partnered with the Nigerian government to simultaneously erect 19 new monuments “to boost the aesthetic landscape of the State…and further place the State on global tourism scene and the hub of Africa tourism.”

This installation, by Segun Aiyesan, is described thusly:

“Virtues of life define the values that separate us as human from instinct driven animal life, because they constitute the qualities that make us true god of the earth. Through them we find fulfillment, meaning and self-actualization and with them we are able to forge unity, peace and empathy, as we journey towards the place of divine destiny. “

In addition to the virtues of unity, peace and empathy listed in his description, in the photo above we can see, in the two different angles, honor, love, humility and faith.

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