Also called the Candle of Thanksgiving (Romanian: Lumânarea Recunoştinţei), this monument is built on the rocks over the Nistru (aka Dniester) River in memory of the cultural monuments in Moldova that were destroyed in the past (particularly during World War II and the Soviet era) and pays homage to all the heroes of the country who worked to preserve the culture and tradition of Moldova.

It was the idea of a famous Moldavian classical writer, Ion Durta and was dedicated in 20014, 86 years after the 1918 union of what was then called Bessarabia with Romania It was also erected in the memory of the great anonymous poet, the author of the ballad “Miorita.” There are 656 steps to the top of the hill. There is a magnificent view over Moldova and into Ukraine. An Orthodox chapel is in the base.

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