This World Peace Flame has burned inside a bahia azul granite pillar beside The Hague’s Peace Palace and International Court of Justice since 2002. The monument itself was designed by the Dutch sculptor Heleen van der Sande.

This flame is a descendant of the original World Peace Flame, which was lit in 1999 by people in five continents and transported to Bangor, in North Wales, where it still burns. The Hague’s flame is the first of the “daughter” flames to be in a public place.

The stones were added in 2004. Stones from 197 countries are arranged around a short circular pathway enclosed by shrubbery. A key to identifying each of the stones is beside the monument. Most stones represent typical geology of their country of origin but some have a special provenance. The German stone is from the Berlin Wall; the South Africa stone originated in the wall of Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

The World Peace Flame is a project of the Life Foundation, based in Wales. Founded by Mansukh Patel, it combines Hindu and western traditions and teaches its own form of yoga, called Dru.

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